Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day of waiting...

I'm still in limbo, but pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm not pregnant.  I've had a little more bleeding and some cramps, but no period yet.  I'll be incredibly surprised if I take a test on Saturday and it comes up positive, but I guess I shouldn't lose hope!  I had been on Weight Watchers prior to being "pregnant?" and kind of fell off the last few days.  I think I'll shop this weekend and get back on track.  If we truly aren't pregnant this month, we will probably wait until May/June to try again because we are going on a cruise in May and I'd like to enjoy some margaritas poolside if I can (is that selfish?)

On the up side of things, I graduate with my Bachelors degree in Educational Studies in 43 days!  YAHOO!!!!  I've been a college student for going on 11 years now, and it feels amazing to be done.  I have to admit that I have "senioritis" and am half-assing all of my work at this point.

This is a super busy week at work and I'm off to take care of a few things from home so that I can have a stress free Friday :)

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